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Condolences to Prof. Yosinobu Tanigawa

 Eulogies for Prof.Tanigawa

Yoshinobu Tanigawa, 1943-2018, Naotake Noda Published on line: 15 Nov 2019.

Journal of Thermal Stresses, Vol.42, Issue12, 2019


Condolences to Prof. Yoshinobu Tanigawa, Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering at the Osaka Prefecture University , who passed away on Augast 19, 2018.


(Prof. Tanigawa on the left side of the photo)




I sincerely express my deep sympathy to the Spirit of Professor Yoshinobu Tanigawa.

He was honest and gentle in character and received respect and trust from his research colleagues.

It is burning in my eyes that Professor Yoshinobu Tanigawa and I hardly studied thermal stresses fields each other as Professor Yoitiro Takeuch’s pupil. He was active as a researcher of thermal stresses throughout the world.


Professor Yoshinobu Tanigawa was the excellent researcher in thermal stresses. His distinguished textbook, “Thermal Stresses” in English gives many advices for the student, engineer and researcher. His research on thermal stress is based on (1) theoretical study of the coupled thermoelastic problem of two and three dimensions, (2) elasticity and thermoelastic study of heterogeneous and anisotropic laminated materials, (3) thermal stress in functionally graded materials, (4) piezoelectric thermoelasticity, (5) electromagnetic thermoelasticity, and so on. He has published about 200 academic papers in international journals.


In Japan, as a centerpiece of a research group on mathematical theory of elasticity organized by six research colleagues (Kurashige, Hata, Tanigawa, Noda, Sumi, Watanabe), he endeavored after the spread of elasticity and thermoelasticity. His achievement was appreciated and was awarded "Achievement Award" by Materials & Mechanics Division in the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers in 2009 for "A series of achievements on mathematical analysis of elasticity and thermoelasticity ".

A memorable event was that the momentum to hold an international congress on thermal stress at the research group increased and Professor Tanigawa and I on behalf of the research group visited Rochester Institute of Technology and consulted with Professor Hetnarski who was chief editor of Journal of Thermal Stresses how to organize an international congress on thermal stresses. The consultation went to the lazuli, the first was held in Hamamatsu in 1995, the second was decided to be Rochester in 1997, the third in Europe in 1999. The International Congress on Thermal Stresses is held once every two years and has established itself as an international congress on Asia, America and Europe.


Professor Tanigawa served as a steering committee of the International Congress on Thermal Stresses and organized the 4th-International Congress on Thermal Stresses in Osaka in June 2001. Many researchers from overseas participated, and he received great praise for excellent meeting operation from the foreigner researchers. He served also an editorial member of the Journal of Thermal Stresses and worked to disseminate thermal stress. In recognition of these international activities, he received an award of "Achievement of Thermal Stresses " from the committee of the International Congress on Thermal Stresses on in 2007.

We could not meet Professor Tanigawa who was active internationally.

I wish for Professor Tanigawa's rest in peace.



September 19, 2018




Naotake Noda


(Professor Emeritus,


Shizuoka University)